A novel by Adi Gelbart

“I never fast before medical procedures—it gives me joy to confuse the doctors. I think they like it, too, gives them more of a challenge. Once, on the way to have my kidney removed, I stopped at an all-you-can-eat buffet for a large plate of beef kidneys with mushrooms and garlic. You should have seen the expression on the surgeon’s face when he opened me up and had to spot which kidney was mine and which belonged to the beef. I couldn’t see his expression though because I was under anesthesia.”
“Did you have dreams?”
“As a child, yes, many times. Dreamed of cowboys, Indians, ghosts, flies in the soup...”
“Me, I still dream, even now as an adult, even now as I sit here. But I always forget the dreams, so I can’t be sure if I really had them or if they were just a dream.”

Underneath a highway bridge, two mysterious vehicles—a driverless purple truck and a riderless yellow motorcycle—pass twice a day. A man is standing on that bridge, observing and transcribing their routines. Little about them makes sense, but the man has his theories.
All of his theories are wrong.
However, this sets him off on a journey to implausible places and leads to bizarre encounters between man, machines, alien life forms, cats, and vegetables in this part surrealist, part sci-fi reflection on human existence.


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Music for and against Egglike

Two new pieces of orchestral kaleidoscope music written for and against the book Egglike and performed by Gelbart and Alpha the computer.
Available as a digital download with every purchase of the book (on bandcamp) and as a limited edition 7" vinyl.

 Side A 
The three forms of Him who speaks through pyramids (6:08)

 Side B 
Poem competition (3:06)

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